Testing today for a match tomorrow.

DNAConnect.Org is a service being provided by Research-China.Org, a well-established organization that has been researching information about China adoptions since 2001. Its founder, Brian H. Stuy, has a mission to provide as much information as possible to China-adopted children about their birth stories and histories. DNAConnect.Org is his new venture to assist adoptive families, adopted children, and birth families in finding their DNA matches, whether it happens in two months or twenty years.

Our Board of Directors

DNAConnect.Org has four board members who serve as a "sounding board," ensure the transparency of funds, provide outreach assistance, and assist with policy decisions:

• Dana Cleary
Dana Cleary and her husband adopted their daughter from the Huazhou orphanage in Guangdong Province, China. Dana believes that children adopted from China have many gatekeepers standing between them and their family history, including the orphanages and adoption agencies. DNA testing will help narrow down the search and circumvent the gatekeepers. Dana lives in California.

• Ming Foxweldon
Ming Foxweldon is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont. She majored in Chinese Language and minored in Anthropology. She has an interest in languages for a variety of reasons, including her desire to connect with her roots in China and to be able to communicate easier with others. Adopted from Kunming, Yunnan, in 1994, Ming is considered one of the first adoptees since the boom of international adoptions in the USA. In her junior year of college she returned to China and for six months studied in the city from which she was adopted. She returned to China a second time this year.
     Ming is very active in the Chinese adoptee community. She moderates a Yahoo Adoptee Search Group which formed after she sought her biological family in 2011 while abroad. Ming brings a vital adoptee perspective to DNAConnect.Org.

• Rose Duhaime
Rose and her husband have four children: 2 biological kids in college and 2 adopted from China: Angelina from Huazhou, Guangdong, and Logan from Wuhan, Hubei. From the day Rose was matched with her first child, she knew she would search for her children's birth families. Rose knows many domestic adult adoptees interested in searching for birth family, but most fear hurting their adoptive parents. Several said they would wait until their adoptive parents are deceased to begin searching.
     Rose understands that adoptees feel it might divide loyalties if they found birth parents, but she wanted her children to feel they could search. She could give them permission in a very obvious way: She would keep the trail from getting cold. Rose is very excited about DNAConnect.Org because she has met dozens of Chinese birth parents in her searching who are searching for their children. These parents just want to know what happened to their children, and maybe see a photo. For their great loss and her huge gain, Rose feels the least she can do is to give them an avenue to search.

• Regina Pollock
Gina is the mother of three children, one adopted internationally from Lithuania in 2006. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and earned her juris doctorate from the Dickinson (PA) School of Law in 1988. In addition to practicing law, Gina has taught in both public and private schools. She is a founding member of the Lithuanian Adoptive Parents Association (LAPAS); was the Internet and Orphanage Support Chairperson for Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA-PA); and was a founding member of Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR), serving its board until she retired in 2013. She also serves as a moderator for numerous online adoption support groups.
     Gina currently owns a used bookstore and enjoys a quieter life, but she continues to be a strong advocate for adoption education and reform.