Testing today for a match tomorrow.

Since the early 1990s, roughly 120,000 babies born in China have been adopted internationally, with about 80,000 going to families in the United States. Most of these babies have now reached an age of maturity where their self-awareness sparks curiosity about their beginnings. Many of them want to learn, if at all possible,who their birth parents are. It's easy for adoptive parents to submit their adopted child's DNA sample, but the challenge is, how can birth parents in China submit their DNA? Whether an adoptive child is searching now or in 50 years, that birth family connection can't ever be made without the birth parent's DNA. Therein lies our challenge ...

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The goal of DNAConnect.org is to provide low-cost DNA kits to every adoptive family traveling to China (later to other sending countries) in search of birth parents. Since the cost to the adoptive family will then be low, traveling families will have a strong incentive to test any birth family they meet in-country. This will act as a "search effort multiplier," dramatically increasing the overall search success of the Chinese, Guatemalan, Vietnamese, and other adoptive communities.
We are missing opportunities to collect DNA in China.
Currently, thousands of families are traveling back to China on heritage tours and birth parent searches. During these visits, adoptive families sometimes meet birth parents, but they are usually birth parents of a child they don't know. These are tremendous but short-lived opportunities to collect DNA samples, as well as gathering accompanying information for future matches.
     Since DNA processing is expensive, these opportunities to collect DNA are usually passed by. That means that a potential birth parent match is lost, probably forever.
     A low-cost and efficient way to collect DNA from birth families in China is needed. That's what DNAConnect.Org aims to provide.

Collect DNA. If you have an upcoming trip to China, contact us about the opportunity to collect DNA from birth families.

Spread the Word. Tell others about our mission and about this website. Spread the word on Facebook, to adoptive family Yahoo groups, FCC groups, adoption forums, and travel groups. The more support we gain from the international adoption community, the more DNA we will be able to collect. This project is truly a "pay it forward" opportunity.

Life circumstances quickly change. People pass away, they move, or their desire to match with members of their birth family – child or parent – grows as the years go on. That's why it's so important to gather DNA now, before it's too late. It's not about finding a match today. It's about seizing the opportunity to be able to find a match in the future, whether it happens in two months or twenty years. If you are an an adoptive parent, don't close the doors of opportunity for your adopted child; give them the gift of the possibility of locating a birth parent.